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Crimson Sage

Crimson Sage was originally designed after Wanda Maximoff's (also known as the Scarlet Witch) death; In Washington D.C. during the battle of the absorbing man. She was programmed by Tony Stark using Wanda Maximoff's brain patterns. It is unknown if she possesses an ability similar to the original Scarlet Witch, but does posses powers like the original Iron Man armor. Sometime after her construction she along with the rest of the Iron Avengers was sent to protect President Osborne against the child known as the skull and his army. After Osborne was killed the skull attempted to take control of the Iron Avengers. When he learned he could not, he had them destroyed.

She along with the other Iron Avengers was reconstructed by King Britain and the Vision, but no longer had the original programming, and no longer able to speak. Last time they were seen there was multiples made of them. Their current whereabouts and missions are unknown.

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