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Brief History

Death Of The Original
The First Crime-Buster
The original Crime-Buster, Frank Moore, was a human with amazing powers. He became a member of the Champions of Xandar, an intergalactic superhero team. There he fought along side his father Comet and good friend to Nova, the human rockett. He shared many adeventures with earth's other heroes, including missions with the Fantastic Four. He was however betrayed by Diamondhead and killed by the Skrulls during the Xandarian-Skrull War as shown in Rom, The Spaceknight issue 24.
The Second Crime-Buster
The second Crime-Buster

The second Crime-Buster first appeared in Power Man and Iron Fist issue 105. Some years after the death of the original Crime-Buster had died, his costume and gear where stolen by Eugene Mason, a convicted arsonist and murderer who had managed to escape from prison. Inspired by Luke Cage he became a Hero for Hire. Eventually, Eugene employeed former Heroes for Hire employee Jennie Royce. The two started dating not soon after. Thing where however far from good, Mason physically abused her during their relationship. Mason made a lot of enemies and was found murdered in his bedroom with his own gun and it had Jennie's fingerprints on the weapon. Jennie was imprisoned but asked Iron Fist for help. She tells him that her fingerprints were on his gun because she was Mason's executive assistant and handled his weapons on a daily basis. Danny and the new Power Man, Victor Alvarez agree to look into her case and help out an old friend.
The Third Crime-Buster
The third Crime-Buster first appeared in Avengers: The Initiative issue 18. This third Crime Buster joined The Cavalry,  the Initiative team of Georgia, part of the 50 States Initiative that started after the superhuman Civil War.

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