"Creepy" magazines collection : should I buy it?

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 Hi all, I have a huge opportunity to buy the 1964's "creepy" magazines, issues 1 to 94 ( see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creepy)
The guy sells me these 94 issues near mint for 1750 $, is that a bargain? or it doesn't worth it? the magazines are rare I think (in any case I've never seen it in shops or somewhere) so I really hesitate.. near mint since 1964 is a really good opportunity but it is expensive, 1750 $, and I'm not totally an expert so can you give your point about it, thanks!

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NM? Buy it, slab it, flip it. do not buy sight unseen, though.

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Buy it.

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-drool- hope you bought it.

I own an almost complete run of Eerie, minus issues #1 and 2

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Yes, you should!


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