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This issue contains the following tales:

"The Strange, Incurable Hauntings of Terrible Phinneas Boggs": A writer discovers that his house is haunted by a number of bizarre phantoms...which all turn out to be a single ghost, that of an actor recreating his old roles.

"Process of Elimination": A man systematically murders his entire family...but his reasons for doing so might take you by surprise.

"Country Pie": A man picks up a couple of young hitchhikers, as a police psychic attempts to track the serial killer at large.

"In Deep": The lone survivor of a boating accident attempts both to stay alive and to protect his wife's body from the scavenging gulls and sharks.

"Harvey Was a Sharp Cookie": An elderly amusement-park owner turns his funhouse into a deathtrap for a protection-racket thug.

"Now You See It": A bored married couple use virtual-reality to immerse themselves in different, if only they could agree on which channel to watch.

"The Last Super Hero": In a utopian future, there is no need for super-heroes...except for one last holdout who sees the truth behind the peacekeepers.

Note: This issue also features a full page color pin-up of Uncle Creepy by Bernie Wrightson.







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