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This special issue features the following re-prints of tales illustrated by Esteban Maroto:

Forgive Us Our Debts - "Paul Hunter. Con man. Smuggler. Assassin. Thief. He went down with his plane. In the vast, swamp-infested jungle. A gator tore off his arm. But Paul Hunter survived. And he would live, he knew, if only he could hide from the hideous, man-eating reptile men!"

A Most Private Terror - "Icy wind knifed through his soul, chilling him with cold, oppressive fear. The blackness pressed in, smothering him with its concealed terrors. Briley Culmein peered blindly into the night, straining to see. But the stalking beast could never be seen."

Deja Vu - "Close your eyes and bask in the softness of my voice. You are going back. Back beyond your childhood. Back to a time before your birth.You were someone else then. A witch. And they tormented you. Can you remember, Janet Becker, how they abused you...and burned you at the stake!?"

Relatives - "God. The supreme being. Yet, if God truly exists, has He made Himself known to intelligent races of other planets? Do alien life forms practice religions...worship a deity? Or is God simply another of man's many ingenious inventions?"

A Scream in the Forest - "They dwell somewhere in the darksome, evil forest. Mindless creatures called Fearies. In times of plenty they are peaceable, serene. But when the land is parched and food scarce, they stalk from their lair to gather their favorite food...young women!"







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