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"Creepy's Loathsome Lore": A brief history of sea-monster legends.

"Dark House of Dreams": An artist moves into the mansion of an 18th-century warlock for inspiration.

"Turncoat": A Union soldier deserts and attempts to sneak away by stealing the uniform from a dead Confederate soldier.

"Maximum Effort": A vampire and a ghoul become business partners in a funeral parlor.

"Voodoo Doll": A woman scares her husband into a fatal heart attack by using a phony voodoo doll...but is it REALLY just a phony?

"Blood of the Werewolf": A man desperately attempts to convince a doctor that he's been cursed as a werewolf.

"The Creepy Fan Club": Text feature with a biography of Joe Orlando, along with reader-submitted fiction and artwork. Among the fan contributions is a drawing by future comics professional Bill Dubay.

"Idol Hands": Three museum employees discover that the curse of a giant idol is not just a legend.

"Adam Link, Robot Detective": Continuing the adventures of the robot Adam Link, as he dons a synthetic-skin disguise to go undercover and investigate a murder.

(Note: The magazine's contents page erroneously credits Frank Frazetta as the cover artist, rather than Gray Morrow.)

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