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"Creepy's Loathsome Lore": A brief history of the legends of witches throughout history.

"Brain Trust": A small-town doctor discovers the town recluse's dark secret.

"Into the Tomb": A mad archeologist believes himself to be the reincarnation of an ancient pharaoh.

"The Creepy Fan Club": Text feature including a biography of artist Reed Crandall, along with reader-submitted stories and artwork. Among the fan art: drawings by Frank Brunner and Nicola Cuti, before they began their professional comics careers.

"Monster": A Frankenstein-like creature wanders the streets, trying to remember how he came to be.

"Midnight Sail": A mutinous sailor reveals himself to be a vampire.

"Backfire": A gunslinger is put on trial by a "jury" of the ghosts of his victims.

"Thing of Darkness": After narrowly escaping from a monster that dwells in darkness, a man desperately tries to save himself by keeping the lights on...until the power goes out.

"Collector's Edition": A book collector resorts to murder to acquire a legendary occult tome of prophecies, only to discover that the book predicts his own death as well.







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