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The initial story "Father's Day" features the rather twisted Grantham family. Nathan Grantham, the elderly patriarch, arranges the murder of a prospective son-in-law. His daughter Belinda avengers her dead lover by killing Nathan on Father's Day. The family creates the tradition of meeting once a year on Father's Day. The seventh anniversary of the murder has an unexpected guest to the meeting: the vengeful Nathan as a Revenant. ( "a visible ghost or animated corpse that was believed to return from the grave to terrorize the living.").

"The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill" features the namesake character pursuit a great opportunity, to meet a grizzly fate. Verrill is a common farmer with financial problems. Discovering the remains of a meteorite, the man believes he has a chance to repay all his debts. Instead he is infected by an alien organism resembling a plant. Days later, Verrill has turned into a plant-human hybrid and commits suicide. Meanwhile the alien plants have covered his entire farm and keep spreading.

"Something to Tide You Over" involves a love triangle. Richard Vickers has tired of his wife Becky and her lover Harry Wentworth. He disposes of them in spectacular fashion. Burying them up to their necks in a beach, leaving the tide to kill them. They do drown, only for them to rise from their watery grave and seek revenge.

"The Crate" features an unnamed creature escape from its transporting crate. Going on a lethal rampage. But the "monster" of the story is Henry Northrup, a mild-mannered who plans to use the creature's skills to solve some of his own problems.

"They're Creeping Up On You!" has a bit of a twist. Upson Pratt is a ruthless businessman tortured by his intense fear of germs. He lives in a hermetically sealed apartment. When the apartment is mysteriously invaded by "endless hordes of cockroaches", Pratt is unable to either escape or call for help. Effectively sealing himself inside with the objects of his fear.

The frame story has a young boy called Billy reading these stories. His father Stan is particularly strict with him, throwing away his comic books and threatening him with a firm spanking. By the end of the film, Stan is suffering from neck pains and is dying because Billy is using a voodoo doll to get some revenge.

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