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"Old Chief Wooden Head" features a cigar store Indian as the title character. Decorating the general goods store Ray and Martha Spruce. The elderly couple see their hometown being progressively abandoned, dying. When three thugs arrive to rob them, there is nobody left to help them. They die. But the Chief comes to life to avenge. Demonstrating his skills at scalping thugs.

"The Raft" features Deke, Laverne, Rachel and Randy. All four college students on vacation. They are traveling by car in a fairly isolated spot when they locate a lake. They think it is an ideal place to stop and swim. They make their way by foot to a wooden raft abandoned nearby. Soon they are attacked by a mysterious blob which proceeds to hunt them down and consume them in the course of two days. No remains left behind. Only their abandoned car and a long-forgotten sign pointing "No Swimming".

"The Hitchhiker" features the story of Annie Lansing and an unnamed (male) hitchhiker. Annie is a businesswoman and married to a wealthy attorney. She also has a lover who she chooses to meet several miles away from her home. After a sexual encounter, Annie decides to drive back home at some speed. (Intending to arrive before her husband and greet him there). Annie causes a hit-and-run accident, killing the hitchhiker. She abandons the corpse behind, a bit shaken but determined to make it home. Only the hitchhiker keeps chasing her for the entire ride, shouting "Thanks for the ride, lady." There is an implication that he ended up in hell and is determined to have her join him. Annie keeps trying to kill him again, only for the undead guy to keep chasing her. She does arrive home but never gets a chance to step out of the car. The hitchhiker confonts her again and her corpse is soon discovered. Cause of death: carbon monoxide poisoning.







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Keeping the Memory of EC Comics Alive in the 80s 0

In 1982, George Romero and Stephen King translated their love of E.C. Comics to the big screen in the horror anthology Creepshow. Five years later a second anthology, entitled Creepshow 2 was released.I believe Creepshow 2 gets a bad rap. Like a lot of sequels, people generally agree that it's not as good as the first film. O.K., I can buy that - I don't think its best moments come close to the best moments of the first Creepshow... but then I don't think its worst moments are as bad as the firs...

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