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Creed starts out as a member of a group of assassins called Chronos. He was partnered with the main character, Train Heartnet. He had an admiration for Train's ability to kill on the battlefield as Creed claimed "he was the devil himself". This disturbed relationship stems from Creed's relationship with his mother whom he killed. She was an alcoholic and beat him and he lived on the streets and would even get beaten up by corrupt cops. When Train met a bounty hunter named Saya, she taught Train how to live life free. Train defected from Chronos and Creed became bent on killing Saya which he eventually did as he believed Saya "poisoned" Train's mind. Creed began a team to overthrow Chronos and the world where he would rule. He lost to Train in their final battle and was confined to a wheelchair due to injuries.


Creed gained the ability to manipulate his chi through the Power of Tao. The ability he gained was the power to forge a blade made of pure chi. He channels his chi through the hilt of his broken Kotetsu sword and dubs it the Imagine Blade.

Level 1: The Imagine Blade at this level is naturally invisible. It can extend up to 80 meters by Creed's will and is capable of slicing through large stone pillars and even helicopters in half with ease. Creed can make it visible if he wishes.

Level 2: The blade becomes visible and becomes sentient. It forms a link to Creed's mind and mental state. The blade can extend to assorted lengths and shapes following opponents every which way. It gains the ability to bite its foes and can move fast enough to catch two bullets practically parallel to each other and spit them back at equal force.

Level 3: The sword now fuses with Creed's right arm and the blade travels down the length of his arm and also he has a gigantic monstrous arm on his back. Creed can move well into super sonic speeds in this form due to the arm and power boost.

Max: Creed's chi shapes the blade into a colossal sword of light. The blade becomes a mix of level 2 and 3 in shape and grows in length to that of a few stories in height. It generates its own pressure that those within a short distance can feel and the imagine blade now can obliterate virtually everything in its path.


Creed is an extremely skilled sword fighter and is a smart tactician since he came close to world domination. He has superhuman speed, agility and reflexes allowing him to cut and block bullets mid air with ease. He can also leap over a dozen meters in the air with ease. Creed also seems to have enhanced durability and strength. He took a hit to the head from a bazooka made of orichalcum (Black Cat universe's strongest metal) wielded by a guy who could press a few thousand pounds over, slide across a stone bridge and hit the stone guardrail and was still conscious with only mild bleeding from the head. His pain tolerance is also very high. Creed has been stated to have transcended pain through sheer force of will. He has fought with bullets in leg. He has fought with an arm missing and bleeding out. He has had a hole blown in his stomach from an exploding bullet and carried on a casual conversation with a partner while bleeding out.

Due to the nanite injections he received, Creed for all intents and purposes became immortal. The nanites gave him a healing factor that could regrow limbs, organs and even a new head. The only weak spot is the brain which cannot fully recover. It would grow back, but due to each brain being be special, the new brain would only leave the host of the nanites with primal instincts. A unique ability that was shared primarily by both Train and Creed was the ability to instantly instill a paralyzing fear into most people just by looking at them. The basis on this is the look in their eyes, whether it be killing intent or just raw emotion, was so strong that they would influence people in fear with just a glance which he has used to make people stop fighting him. People with stronger wills have shown to be resistant to this ability but can still stricken with fear but they can still maintain control to act.

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