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Why You No Read This?


Let us give a heartfelt salute to the surprisingly penultimate issue of Creator-Owned Heroes. This was a comic that had a million ideas going in each book, and enough inspiration and heart to it to really give fans of sequential story telling as much bang for their buck as they could.

There have been some stories that will be collected from the comics side of the book and some stories which will be brought out in a different arena than this comic. But I'll be missing the interviews and advice that were right there along side those stories each month.

To say I am saddened by this loss is an understatement. I remember hearing that some British writers were inspired to write their own books when they saw some script pages for Judge Dredd appeared in 2000 A.D. years ago. It was that little bit of behind the scenes goodness that inspired a whole influx of writers and artists. It makes me wonder how the information contained within these pages will inspire a group of writers and artists.

I am flipping through the book and am just thinking about how much this book simply rocks. This would be the kind of book I would give to new comic readers as a way to show them that there are more than just superheroes. There are new worlds at every turn of the page.


Words: 10/10

Pictures: 10/10

Buy Next Issue: One last dance, just for old time's sake.

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