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The Creation Blades are two swords made from shards of the Creation Engine, which was said to be the most dangerous weapon ever constructed. At some point in the history of the universe, the Creation Engine was broken into pieces that were scattered across time and space. Pieces of it fell to prehistoric Earth and were found by a group of Kherubim, known as the Brotherhood of the Sword, that had partnered with Daemonites. True to their name, the Brotherhood forged the shards into two blades. The leader of the Brotherhood, a Kheran named Raven, engaged Nemesis with the swords and she managed to take one from him before escaping. Over the thousands of years that followed, Nemesis waged a one-woman war against the Brotherhood until she eventually killed Raven and took the other sword. The blades became her trademark weapons until her seeming death, when they passed into the hands of Mr. Majestic. 


The swords ability to cut through anything has been put to the test. They've easily cut through the near-invulnerable skin of Mr. Majestic and even the mad reality-warping Tao. In the case of Tao, they hurt him when that should not have been possible and even though he controlled reality itself, when he was impaled with the swords he couldn't access his full powers and was barely able to stand and speak until they were removed. The swords also seem to be very durable. The shards were found in a volcano and when Majestic, impaled by the swords, fell into a volcano, they were retrieved undamaged.

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