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Crash Metro and The Star Squad

Crash Metro and The Star Squad is a black and white comic which appears by the cover to be an issue done by Mike Allred. 

However, he is only the writer and I believe the cover artsist, the interior art is by Martin Ontiveros. 

Initially, I had hoped this would be a comic that may have been an entertaining title by Mike Allred I'd simply not previously seen, but was I wrong. 

While the story may be purposely written in a slightly Golden/Silver Age type space drama style, repleat with giant robots, some aliens, and space action, it is lacking in the latter to make this a comic worth buying.

I failed to grasp what direction they were aiming with this comic. 

I was also disappointed with the art. 

The women were drawn rather poorly, and while the purposely cartoonish style may have been slightly reminiscent of Mike Allred on a very, very, bad day, it was just that...poorly illustrated. 

While Mike Allred wrote this, it isn't bad for the story, yet it isn't great.  It's easily forgettable and nothing worth mentioning in terms of plot summary, because it's a quick read with little substance. 

The good thing about this is that is was wrapped up in one issue, and the cover is nice.  However, you are best off ignoring this title if you see it in a back issue or quarter bin, even if you're a hardcore Mike Allred fan. 



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