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Coyote Cash first appeared as he fled from a robbery in an armored vehicle he called his "Cash Stasher."  The police were unable to stop Cash, and he seemed headed for a clean getaway, when suddenly the Hulk appeared.  The Hulk was leaping away from the military when he landed on the hood of the Cash Stasher, destroying it.  The Hulk leaped away with the hood stuck to his foot.  He tossed it back to Cash, telling him to take back "stupid hood" and to watch where “Hulk is going.”  With the Cash Stasher destroyed, Cash was easily captured by the police and imprisoned.    

A few years later, Cash was released from prison and decided to make a fortune by cheating in Las Vegas.  Cash used a "magnetic particle displacer" to control the roulette game and win lots of money.  Unfortunately for Cash, the head of security at the casino was the Hulk, in his guise of Mr. Fixit.  Hulk got suspicious and sent two security men to talk to Cash.  Cash reacted violently, and the Hulk grabbed him, telling him to "get back here, you stupid hood!"  Cash immediately realized it was the Hulk, although the Hulk didn't remember him.  The Hulk found the device and Cash was sent back to prison.

Upon his release, Cash decided that he could not be a successful criminal until he defeated the Hulk.  To accomplish this task he hijacked an army convoy and stole an experimental bazooka-like weapon.  Cash then broke into Rick Jones' house in Reno.  He planned to kill Jones, then use the bazooka to kill the Hulk when he arrived to investigate.  Cash fired the bazooka at Jones' bed, utterly destroying it.  Cash then mused out loud that whenever the Hulk showed up, he'd be ready.

Suddenly the Hulk emerged from the ruined bed and said "I hope you're ready right now, you stupid, flea-bitten hood!"  It turned out that Jones was out of town, and the now-intelligent green Hulk was house-sitting.  The dumbfounded Cash was led away by the police, while the Hulk was only left to wonder what kind of world it is where you can just be minding your own business and some stranger comes along and complicates your life.   

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