This is what women from the Old West look like in evening gowns

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A little late on this one.  these are from the premiere of Cowboys and Aliens (which finally is absolutely a comic book movie, even if it is just from a graphic novel.)  Unfortunately the stars came out a little dull. 
Such a beautiful woman, but she is off mark here. Pulling off such an old-fashioned gown is not always easy (though Leighton Meester did a decent job at the Golden Globes this year) and true to that she does not succeed here. I think she needs to find a new stylist.
At least Olivia wasn't alone in her debatable choice over black lace. This black lace/wrap dress on Nina Dobrev (who wasn't in the movie) doesn't look all that good either. The concept is ok, just the wraps are in the wrong places.
Abigail Spencer wasn't looking to set any style trends with this dress, but she probably came out ahead in the night's fashion call just for its simplicity and complimentary cut.
The worst of the night was Ana de la Reguera. AS you can see here the makeup is good
The full length gown though is a mixture of too many random elements.
It looks even worse from the front.
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The last one is pretty horrible... 
Btw, why no male fashion blog Razz? ;)
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that was...oh righty then!
@Aiden Cross said:

The last one is pretty horrible...  Btw, why no male fashion blog Razz? ;) 

I prefer the women fahsion blog, but if we did a fashion blog for men we could call it "This is What Men from the old west look like in evening gowns" :P
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@The Poet: I'd read it :P
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@The Poet
@Aiden Cross: 
Hey no stealing the title, I am going to get it trademarked (this is my 9th one of the same theme for the title).   I could do male fashion, and I have in the past (though not here).  Usually with male fashion though I just end up critiquing the man inside the clothes and not the clothes themselves as they are pretty uniform with a man.   
Here is a list of the things a woman can accessorize with: lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, earrings, necklaces, hairstyle, hair accessories, bracelets, rings, purse, shoes, skirt/dress/pants, any number of styles for top, hosiery or no, and nail polish 
Here is a list of the things a man can accessorize with: hairstyle, cuff links, and tie.
Female fashion is more fun to critique. 
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@RazzaTazz: A man has more things, Hairstyle, cuff links, tie, jewelry (watches/rings), shoes, beard/scruff/stash, sunglasses, the inside of the jacket is often decorated, the way the pants set, a streamlined fitting suit or more casual suit.  
Sure, women have more options but it's not like the man hasn't got any ;)
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@Aiden Cross
True but I find the variety in women's clothing makes it so wild as well.  Take for instance the dress Olivia wore to this with the one Katy Perry wore to the Smurfs.  You dont find such variety in men's clothes.  Also I think women tend to be more into fashion personally, and I think that they somewhat live vicariously through such critiques (I know I do) 
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Not bad.

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I loved Ana from Nacho Libre. That dress kills the buzz.

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Ana's make-up wasn't all terrible, I liked her blush, it really defined her cheeks, but she did look too pale and that dress is awful! 
I gotta disagree with Nina Dobrev, I thought she looked great, she dressed youthful, sexy and those red statement shoes look great. :D it really makes it pop. The slits of skin peeping out really define and give her a nice body shape without revealing too much, plus the black makes her look super-skinny.

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