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Steer Clear

I went into this comic optimistic. After seeing G-Man's 3.5/5 video review, I assumed I'd be able to bear through this. I was wrong.  
Now don't get me wrong, I liked the concept. Cowboys and Indians battling extraterrestrials makes my mind race with some pretty crazy shoot outs and engaging, creative stories. None of these visions were brought out in C&A. The story hung on a crutch of overused generalizations about the Wild West and concludes with a silly, predictable cautionary tale about colonialism and resistance to it. It struck me as very lazy, and once or twice I actually laughed out loud at the story (when Verity grabs the alien's "lasso" and says "That looks like my old whip. Same weight. Same length").  
All this shallow plot points would have been okay if the artwork compensated, but it didn't. I mean come on, why does every half-hearted attempt at drawing a diabolical alien have to include a bunch of unnecessary chains hanging around their bodies? The art was poor and unconvincing. Pretty much killed the comic for me. 
I'm relatively new to comic books, and I'm not a great judge. If you're like me and trying to get into comics and not be discouraged, steer clear of this comic.


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