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The Bebop crew runs into a modern day Robin Hood who has designs on thwarting the taxation practices of an unyielding government, whether or not there is a method to their madness. The crew wiggles out of that debacle right into the crossfire of a Dragon Head rivalry in which their old friend the Scorpion re-surfaces for a little blackmail and kidnapping.

However, Scorpion may be more than he or the Bebop crew knows, and who he is may make him a target for the Dragon Head syndicate. Back in the doldrums of bounty hunting, Ed's attempt at retro-fitting a nearby satellite with a receiver that enables the Bebop to monitor bounty activity more closely ends in that satellite exploding - and begins another Bebop adventure.

Story by Hajime Yatate and art by Yutaka Nanten.

Japanese Release Date: October 10, 1998

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 6: The Man Who Would Be King
  • Chapter 7: Midnight Cowboy
  • Chapter 8: The Great Escape
  • Chapter 9: In Cold Blood
  • Chapter 10: The Hustler
  • Bonus Chapter: Behind the Bebop, the Untold Story







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