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Pulled from normal Clone Trooper ranks for their ability to deal with "dirty work", These troopers ar eslected to do the unthinkable to their brothers. The mission of the Covert Opts was to hunt down and kill rogue clones that defected to the CIS as well as the clones who went AWOL to live lives outside of war. 

Major Activities: 
The missions of the Covert Opts are mostly unknown since they operated outside the Clone Wars when assinged a mission. It is know that they were tasked to hunt down clones who either rebeled against the Republic in the form of defection and went to the CIS for the chance at freedom or going AWOL to live outside of the military. 

Standard Phase II Clonje Trooper armor decorated in gunt metal gery with highlights of desert camo and purple markings. Wielded the standard DC-15 blaster carbine and thermal detonators.

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