Is it neccesary?

#1 Posted by ThunderShade (134 posts) - - Show Bio

Is it neccersary for me to read Countdown in order to better understand Final Crisis?
Also, I understand that the entirety of Countdown was unpopular, but would I get anything out of reading the related events like Countdown: Arena and Salvation Run?

#2 Posted by Asymmetrical (28224 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't think anyone does understand Final Crisis no matter what else they read.

#3 Posted by ComicMan24 (147088 posts) - - Show Bio

I think that a lot of things from Countdown were retconned eventually. I don't think it's essential in order to understand Final Crisis. That's my opinion.
#4 Posted by Night Thrasher (3724 posts) - - Show Bio

You don't really have to read Countdown to get Final Crisis... but suffering through it does help make Final Crisis a little more understandable.

#5 Posted by ~The Wanderer~ (34406 posts) - - Show Bio

Allegedly, Countdown contradicts Final Crisis quite a few times in its continuity, and I can't recall ever reading any praise for Countdown whatsoever (only complaints) so I wouldn't read it if I were you.  (By the way, I haven't read it either.)

#6 Posted by ThunderShade (134 posts) - - Show Bio

Well thats that sorted, I did find Final Crisis quite underwhelming considering the hype. . .

#7 Posted by Zoom (14668 posts) - - Show Bio

Wanderer is right.  Countdown contradicts FC.  Plus it was terrible in every way.

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