mask_of_tengu's Countdown to Final Crisis #40 - Small Wonders review

My Least Favorite Issue of this Series

I did not like this issue as much as the others. It had its moments, but it felt trifled.

Some key points that I did like.

They show that Darkseid has an emotional side that he will kill to he did with his concubine. Mary Marvel visiting a Zatanna show (I LOVE ZATANNA>>>HOW SEXY ARE ZATANNA AND MARY MARVEL)and trying to overcome her urges to kill hecklers. She is steadily losing to the dark side. I really liked that the Trickster and Piper went to the Penguin...that was a funny scene and I also liked that Oracle found them. Not really caring that much about the new Question right now.

Things I did not like.

I HATE JIMMY OLSEN. I hope he dies like soooo bad. Take Jason Todd with him. I like Donna, but not her sidekicks (Bob the Monitor, the Atom, and the aforementioned Jason Todd.) I found myself not caring about what was happening with Harley and Holly as well. Even though the mother with child being put out on the streets pulled my heart strings.

So here is hoping that the next issue will surpass the quality that this issue had. The cover was boring as well...I love the other covers. The art was so so and the writing was bland. DO BETTER DC


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