mask_of_tengu's Countdown to Final Crisis #39 - Do Not Pass Go review

Captain Boomerang outed

I read this issue before I read the Outsiders: Five of a Kind. This let me know that Boomerang was leaving for the Suicide it kinda ruined Outsiders for me. But it looks like a good Squad this time around. Bronze Tiger, Deadshot, Multiplex, and Plastique. I look forward to seeing them in the future. Piper and Trickster betrayed by Penguin...they escape but now have to deal with the new Question and her lover Batwoman.

Triplicate Girl (well one of her) and Karate Kid (LAUGH) break into Oracle's HQ and trash her security and she reveals she is REALLY busy...SHOCKER!

The Atom, Donna Troy, Jason Todd, and Bob the Monitor continue their boring search for Ray Palmer.

Jimmy Olsen sux...nothing new there.

And finally Holly Robinson is about to be brainwashed by Athena and Harley Quinn.

Great art and Great story with just a hint of bad breath from Todd and Olsen. K U D O S

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