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The countdown continues with a new name and even bigger thrills! Karate Kid makes it to the bunker in Blüdhaven and confronts both Firestorm and the Atomic Knights! Mary Marvel not enslaved on Apokolips! See Mary vs Darkseid! The Monitor, Jason Todd and Donna Troy home in on Ray Palmer's trail! Desaad takes control! Lex Luthor kidnapped — and things don't go well for him? See the end of a world. Who is responsible?

Plus, more DC VILLAINS origin backup stories: The Origin of Desaad.

Universe 15

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Prime's Return. The turning point for Countdown 0

Countdown finally hits a bullseye with this issue. Superman Prime arrives on Earth 15 and kills that world's Superman brutally and then engages in battle with the rest of this Earth's heroes. Prime kidnaps the Earth 15 Lex Luthor and flys him up to the atmosphere killing him. He flies through Earth 15's core and blows it to kingdom come.This issue was great. With Superman Prime finally proving just how dangerous and psychotic he really is, the entire Multiverse is in danger. And with Prime's new...

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Finally 0

After following countdown most of the way through we seem to finally really pick up with 24. Hopefully this one won't turn into another offshoot like we've seen with the search for pym, or the highly anticipated arena. I want to see this new "evil" superman and what he does to Earth 1. The biggist down fall of this series has been that I have a hard time caring about what is happening to most of the characters, none of them simply appeal to me. But this new superman is reminescent of Superboy Pr...

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