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Is Olsen vs Darkeid but when all thing were lost, the Dog of War makes his entrance.

Plus The Origin of Darkseid by Scott Beatty and Ryan Sook.

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Orion fulfils the prophecy. 0

Now at this point my memories hazy, (so if i mean issue 51 i apologize) but what i do remember, that the one gem in this series was the death of Darkseid, at the hands of Orion. Following through with the prophecy from the original New Gods series, and working (in some kind of way..) with Death of the New Gods, watching Darkseid and Orion throw-down for the last time was a great momment. Even better was Kal-El's holding back of the other heroes,and his return comment to Kyle "Some things are bet...

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Glad this is almost over... 0

It is finally picking up a little, with 2 weeks left to go. Jimmy vs. Darkseid is fun, mindless garbage... garbage in a good way. Written by the awesome Paul Dini, this issue may has well been a DC animated episode, it reads like one.The art, however, is sub sub par. I felt like I was reading a amateur comic. The art is miss or almost miss each issue. The story, overall, can be a tad confusing and jumpy at times. Personally, I'm glad it's done and I am glad I stuck with it, this weekly comic bus...

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Olsen vs Darkeid the Dark fight 0

i can,t belive one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe is the evil Darkseid and fuoght almost all of poweful characters in the DC univivers like Superman,Doomsday,Green Lantern and many other more,....but now i can;t belive he fighting (Jimmy Olsen)but he having hard time with him i naver thought Jimmy Olsen cuold get that powerful to fight ageanst the most powerful Evil like Darkseidbut Olsen got powerful then ever then he ever befor and he just geting stronger and stronger like...

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