jonas_shade's Countdown to Final Crisis #14 - Choke On It! review

I love this!...I hate this! do love this..or do i?

All I want is a good old soopa-hero story. All these alternate realities and heroes are wasting the essence of comicdom. I have 2 rules of comics which are really simple and I wish both DC and Marvel would adopt them: No.1 When a character dies..they die! fullstop! (mind you I did like Kevin Smith bringing back Ollie Queen..but he's a favourite! lol). Think of the poor blokes who have to carve gravestones or sculpt memorial statues 4godssake! No.2 There should be only one earth! Get over it! We want great writers and artists, bringing us great stories which we can love, even if we miss an issue. I live in rural Scotland and getting every issue, even mail order is a tall ask. Phew! Next paragraph takes us on to the review.

Great..Superman Prime (or of them...a superbloke..not the real one)gets a bit ticked off in this issue. The Art is really good, the story is..I don't know I've forgotten after following '52' etc. and now this..God I wish Grant Morrison was handling this; if it was Morrisonesc I could take it..weird good...drawn out for no reason..bad! Yeh! Red Robin..I should be excited but the way DC are going, they'll just kill him off, then bring him back, then kill him off, then bring him back; who cares any more! It pains me to write like this because I deeply love DC comics and characters and have done for nearly 40 years, but it seems competing for sales with marvel drives their buisness now; the world is sadder for it.

Saying this, as I mentioned earlier, the art is superb. However I believe the best thing to come out of this story arc is 'Countdown to Mystery', which is awesome, not only does it feature some of DC's best characters: Creeper, Plastic Man, the new Spectre and the new Doctor Fate; but it has great great art, fantastic storylines (I believe that the Dr Fate is reminiscent of Morrison era Doom Patrol!)and offers the best hope for post countdown DC in my book...but I'm depressed in the knowledge that any day now they plan to make the storylines converge in a car crash of confusion and indifference...take me back to 1990 now.

Saying that...I will bldy well have to buy the rest of this series now, so that I'm all up to date with DC world (they're not daft). I hope to the almighty comic God that the next issue features 'The Pied Piper' and 'The Trickster'who have been the revelation of this series. I know that the Trickster is now dead, but that means nowt to the writers in DC land, although I suspect he's now part of a Pied Trickster amalgamate as that's a nice and easy solution. Cynical Moi?


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