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In the first story: the cast arrives at Rann to discover it is in ruble and Allana's father is infected with the Lady Styxx virus. Starfire uses the three suns of Rann to regain her powers. Starfire then uses her powers to cure the people of Rann. The heroes use a satelie to check on earth and discover an army of robots are killing everyone in site (including children) in order to stop the virus from spreading.

In the second story: Forerunner and the pirates arrive at the source wall, where they find a spacecraft that seems to have come from earth. They bring it on to their ship and discover a human on board who is cryogenically frozen and they are not sure if he is alive or dead. Forerunner decides to bring him to their ships doctor, despite her crew telling her not to. The ship enters a new universe where the monitors are fighting the Monarch's army of alternate versions of super-heroes. The engineer of the ship finds the monarch and the monitor whom Forerunner is looking for. Before Forerunner can make a move the monarch and the monitor disappear. The engineer tracks the monitor and Forerunner goes after him. A battle ensues in which Forerunner seems to be losing. Instead of killing her the Monitor sends Forerunner back to her ship.

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