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Batman's from different Earth's battle: Three Batman's enter. One leaves.

The issue starts off on Earth 19 with that Earths batman perched on a high building. Hearing a cry for help the batman swoops but in mid-air and unseen force whisks him away. Then onto Earth 21 where a similer thing happens to that Earth's Wonder Woman. On different Earth's the same instance is happening. All of the transportees then wake up on some sort of ship in one big room with each other with no one knowing what is going on.

Monarch then appears and kills many of the heroes with single blasts just to get the survivor's attention. Earth 31 Superman attempts to attack Monarch but is defeated with a simple slap to the face. He explains how he has brought them here to fight for a place in his army he then teleports the three Nightshades to the arena and a fight ensues. Although eve of shadows and Nightshade are willing to work together to escape the third: Shade wants to kill them just for fun. Shade then tears Nightshade limb from limb killing her but as she is about finish off Eve of Shadows, Eve sucks her into the shadowlands then decapitates her. But disoberying the rules Eve goes back to her earth. Monarch then destroys that Earth's America and then disintegrates Eve.

With the rest of the prisoners watching they start to converse among themselves when Monarch appears and teleports the three Batmans. A vampire Batman and two other incarnations the battle starts off as soon as they get their. The vampire disappears after being savagely beaten then the other two Batmans fight. But in the end one Batman is bitten by the vampire killing him and the other already dead. Monarch then appears before he can transform the other Batman into a vampire declaring the vampire batman winner.

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