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Finding himself at the Sheol School for the Afterlife, Onigawara isn't really wanting to learn about being dead...he wants to collect on the deal he made with teacher Mitamura. Complete the set task within seven days and get his life back. The clock is ticking but there is one thing Onigawara is as yet unaware of. Once you're dead, you stay that way. Will Mitamura's machinations come to light, or does he know something no one else does? One thing is for certain, if things can go wrong, they will.

Back Blurb

Mitamura is back to work... in the body of a feisty cat! He's got to help bewildered Hanasuke investigate a string of incidents involving the disappearance of guardian spirits, and there's not a minute to lose. But will Mitamura master the art of perfect partnership in time to keep chaos from erupting?

Countdown 7 Days sets the clock ticking in a mad race for answers to mysteries of life and death! Mitamura must figure out how to stop a scheming young man and his guardian spirit from opening a long-sealed gate to the depths of the great beyond. But who can he count on to lend a crucual hand in his darkest hour?

Chapter Titles

  • Back To Life
  • Meslam
  • Seven's Gate
  • Shadowy Purpose







Story Arcs

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