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Count Liib is a Havanian who along with Baron Ghazz were rejected by Bleez as possiable suitors. Instead taking her insults and rejects Liib and Ghazz go to a entertainment satellite and convinces Sinestro Corps Soldier of Sector 465 to go to Havania and give Bleez a visit. These actions lead to Bleez being taking away and tortured and leads to her becoming a member of the Red Lantern Corps.

Major Story Arcs

Blood and Rage

Bleez and Atrocitus go to Havania to get revenge on Count Liib and Baron Ghazz. They attack Count Liibs manor but the count is over at Ghazz' mansion. Upon hearing Bleez is there they try to make a run for it. Bleez catches them and kills Ghazz. She explains to Liib that she is letting him live only to get revenge on him later. This is not okay with Atrocitus who kills Liib anyway.

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