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The Council of the Five Realms was formed by the Keepers, to guard the five realms against the spread of magic from each of the realms into Earth via portals. Having one representative from each realm, the council, when first seen, was comprised of Thane, Hakan, Blake and Sela.

After the invasion of Myst by the Dark Horde, led by the Dark One, the Council was decimated. Blake, the surviving council member, went in search for new members with his new companion, the dwarf knight Bolder. Searching the realms, guided by a magic tiara, they met the rogue princess Aisling and Druanna. Prince Erik was also considered, but he couldn't move his soul out of Limbo. Tinker Belle and Tiger Lily were also approached, but both declined, claiming Neverland needed them. An unnamed warrior in Oz was pointed out by the tiara, but both Bolder and Blake thought him too brutal. Innocence, a member of the Keepers, then reformed the council with Blake, Bolder, Aisling and Druanna.

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