WonderCon 2013 Cosplay Gallery

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As you are probably aware, this past weekend was WonderCon. For the second year in a row, the convention took place in Anaheim, CA.

As with most comic book conventions, there was plenty of Cosplay.

I managed to take about 90 pictures in between doing interviews and videos for the Mystery Art Challenge.

To check out the full WONDERCON 2013 COSPLAY GALLERY, CLICK HERE. You can click each image to view the full pic.

You should notice that there are more than 90 pics in the gallery. Norman Chan, former Comic Vine podcast and video contributor, was there for Tested.com. Norm took 500 pictures this weekend.

You can check out Norm's gallery over at Tested.com by clicking HERE.

We used to use the same camera but he got a new one and it kicks butt. Definitely check out all his shots. And because Norm is such a great guy, he even took 200 separate shots, different angles for us here at Comic Vine. Here's a sample:

Once again, this is not all the pictures! Our full gallery can be found HERE.

Don't forget to check out our video interviews and con walk-through videos HERE. (There's some more videos coming).

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This was a good year for cosplay .

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Blue and Gold!!

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That woman in the Witchblade costume sure was bold. It was an excellent looking costume, as well.

Those are some sexy lady Punishers, and some bonus props for that couple doing the BIOSHOCK INFINITE cosplay.

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This was a good year for cosplay .

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Give credit to the witchblade cosplayer

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DARTH HELMET!!! He wins. No contest.

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That picture of catwoman with green eyes is pretty good. I liked it a lot.

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Very cool, some really nice costumes.

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Wow, lots of great ones. For some reason this Scarlet Spider cosplay really stuck out to me. Well done

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I think Guy Gardner has to be my favourite

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Mini Death is ridiculously adorable >.< only way that could be more awesome is if she were twins and on the other side of the guy was a Mini Delirium.

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Props to the witchblade costume.

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There's a kid on the Tested site inside an AT-ST that's pretty awesome.

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G-man! That's an awesome jacket!

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Here's my top 10...

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So many hot ones, and I had so many pictures taken and experiences myself. Let everyone know my Wondercon 2013 experiences in my own blog soon! :)

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