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You can't have a comic book convention without Cosplay. Well, you can but then it loses some of the enthusiasm you feel seeping through the air. Cosplaying is a way to show just how much you love a character. Most Cosplayers painstakingly create incredible costumes and wear them with pride. Many times you even see creative twists done to the costumes.

The unfortunate thing about C2E2 this year is I was unable to get as many pics as I usually do. And it was just me taking pics as well. There is a chance we might see some more coming. I'll update this if that does happen.

Between doing/filming interviews, the Mystery Art Challenge and, of course, the 'Off THEIR Minds' questions, there wasn't a lot of time for me to take photos. On Sunday when I figured I'd have more time, there wasn't as many people dressed as there were on Friday and Saturday.

You can check out our FULL COSPLAY GALLERY by clicking HERE.

Here is a sample of what you can find.

Do you want to see more? Check out the FULL GALLERY.

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#1 Posted by Mucklefluga (2647 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks for doing this Tony!

#2 Posted by MatKrenz (1513 posts) - - Show Bio

Man that Nova and Mole man are great.

#3 Posted by Perfect 10 (1565 posts) - - Show Bio

love the gambit one, super cool. its a shame that hollywood with all their money cant make costumes look this cool

#4 Posted by Trevel8182 (755 posts) - - Show Bio

@matkrenz said:

Man that Nova and Mole man are great.

There Fantastic!

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#6 Posted by Smurfboy (480 posts) - - Show Bio

The Gambit girl looks great. I'm impressive!

#7 Posted by nerdork (4055 posts) - - Show Bio

@smurfboy said:

The Gambit girl looks great. I'm impressive!

Are you the girl in the costume?

#8 Edited by fodigg (6210 posts) - - Show Bio

@matkrenz said:

Man that Nova and Mole man are great.

love the gambit one, super cool.

#9 Edited by Tyrannotaur (296 posts) - - Show Bio

Female Gambit is Nadyasonika

Aphrodite IX is Rosanna Rocha I think

Thats all I know. Great cosplays for this convention though.

#10 Edited by saoakden (1200 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the Gambit cosplay.

#11 Posted by CitizenJP (682 posts) - - Show Bio

Alot of good ones this year.

#12 Posted by Cavemold (1818 posts) - - Show Bio

the gambit and the iron man should win cosplay contest lol

#13 Edited by jamesisaacs (216 posts) - - Show Bio

That Gambit chick, HOT DAYUM1!

#14 Posted by VioletPhoenix (308 posts) - - Show Bio

@g_man awesome pics tony! c2e2 i felt was a bit lacking this year though compared to the previous two years.

#15 Posted by SavageDragon (2257 posts) - - Show Bio
#16 Edited by HigorM (5816 posts) - - Show Bio

I´m in love with the Gambit girl @.@

#17 Posted by BaneStrokeLoboGrundyBatArrow (1462 posts) - - Show Bio


#18 Posted by jwalser3 (6105 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm in love with the Gambit girl....

#19 Posted by Onemoreposter (4258 posts) - - Show Bio

Most people are probably looking at the sexy Gambit cosplay or the green bombshell. Don't give me wrong, those are awesome, but I think we all need to give it up for this most excellent Mole Man display.


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#21 Posted by Eternelle (1072 posts) - - Show Bio

Saw the Fem-Gambit cosplay on tumblr and was astonished. Hands down one of the best I've ever seen.

#22 Posted by dcfox (176 posts) - - Show Bio

My favorite cosplay pic.

#23 Posted by M3th (2106 posts) - - Show Bio

Iron Fist, DP, Domino, and Gambit are my favorites.

#24 Edited by pinchpaker29 (479 posts) - - Show Bio

Gambit Chick, wherever you are, I love you!!!!

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#26 Edited by soir8 (27 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll admit, I'm usually only interested in the sexy ladies (very nice Gambit... Gambita?), but that Mole Man deserves a prize.

#27 Posted by Onemoreposter (4258 posts) - - Show Bio
#28 Posted by nappystr8 (1292 posts) - - Show Bio

I never thought a sexy Gambit cosplay would be something I was into. You learn things about yourself everyday I suppose.

#29 Posted by Miss_Garrick (1761 posts) - - Show Bio

A female Gambit! And she looks awesome! Gambit's always sexy, no matter what gender.

#30 Posted by XLR87T3 (3274 posts) - - Show Bio

Iron Man looks awesome!

#31 Posted by akbogert (3287 posts) - - Show Bio

Some great pictures of some very talented people; always great to see roundups like these that are presented as-is (as opposed to the "best of" or "sexiest" -type lists).

Some of the comments here remind me just how relevant that CONsent movement really is. *sigh*

#32 Edited by Judge_Dredd (172 posts) - - Show Bio

Sexuality is normal human nature, of course it's key to be polite, but nobody should be offended by people saying pics of cosplayers look sexy or hot. Who knows why some prefer that swept under the rug, it's not a bad thing.

Nice costumes, and yes, pretty and sexy people in them.

#33 Posted by HansBoy4TehWin (41 posts) - - Show Bio

0.0 Wow! 'Dat Gambit is quite amazing.

#34 Posted by JamDamage (1195 posts) - - Show Bio

Gambitch is HOT!!!!

#36 Edited by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

One of the best darn Gambits I've seen!

#37 Posted by Dusk_till_Dawn (22 posts) - - Show Bio
#38 Edited by ARMIV2 (9216 posts) - - Show Bio

Man alive, these are some freakin' EXCELLENT cosplays!

#39 Edited by csl316 (170 posts) - - Show Bio

Lots of good stuff. I saw Wayne and Garth walking past me and I honestly had to do a double take for a second. "Wait! They don't have a panel schedul- oh."

#40 Posted by akbogert (3287 posts) - - Show Bio

@judge_dredd: Everything you said underscored my point, just so you know.

#41 Posted by ghostcopy (22 posts) - - Show Bio

Domino is definitely my fav, great job to all.

#42 Posted by DH69 (4324 posts) - - Show Bio

stupid sexy gambit...

#43 Posted by Dernman (17328 posts) - - Show Bio

I love the Gambit one. Now I kinda want to see another alt reality team book with a female Gambit.

#44 Edited by Dernman (17328 posts) - - Show Bio

@dh69 said:

stupid sexy gambit...

Some would argue Gambit was always sexy. :p

#45 Edited by Judge_Dredd (172 posts) - - Show Bio

@akbogert: Not really. Keep on sighing at perfectly acceptable sexuality pal. We obviously have different views, but it's silly and immature to point at my post like that. Enjoy the white knight life of thinking it's bad to mention attractiveness. That you're offended at the simple use of the word sexy is incredibly repressed.

Now see why it's better to just post your opinion without pointing fingers at other posters? We'll never see eye to eye so it's fruitless to argue.

#46 Posted by Overlander (605 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm so confused by my feelings for Gambit now.

Looking good here, so annoying everywhere else.

...and that Gatchaman family is legit. Especially the alienated, emo Joe the Condor. He could've only been better with a barbed dart hanging out of his teeth.

#47 Posted by akbogert (3287 posts) - - Show Bio

@judge_dredd: It's not a matter of views. Perhaps you should look up the "cosplay is not consent" movement -- the one being run by actual cosplayers. They have explicitly stated that they do not appreciate those comments. They have written blogs and essays on the subject, and have rolled their eyes at and admitted to hating lists of cosplay which ignore the craftsmanship and hard work angle in favor of the body type and skin-showing angle.

The fact that you consider showing respect for people's wishes (and informing potentially-uninformed people about those wishes, so they too can endeavor to be more respectful) to be in any way "silly and immature" puzzles me.

#48 Edited by Mild_Karl (131 posts) - - Show Bio

@akbogert: I think you've misread into what that movement is about.

I don't think there is a cosplayer out there who doesn't appreciate the human body & human sexuality. The word "sexy" isn't and shouldn't be a taboo term to describe someone, as it's not necessarily a term to describe the physical appearance of a human but to describe their confidence in displaying themselves (in often incredibly revealing outfits) for the world to see. For a woman in today's society (where mags like US Weekly chastise actresses for not being model thin, where shows like Bridalplasty exist) to stand before the world, expressing her love of comic book culture in front of people who will judge her top to bottom, through cosplay, is in fact incredibly sexy.

But there's a difference between admiring & respecting a person cosplaying as a character and reducing them to a stimulatory object by making crude jokes & slandering them with offensive terms, whether online or in person. The "cosplay is not consent" movement wants to get rid of the latter practice entirely.

#49 Posted by Dernman (17328 posts) - - Show Bio

There is nothing wrong with appreciating sexyness.

What is wrong is not respecting boundaries and behaving like a slug. There is a huge difference.




Now can we movie on and not turn yet another thread into something.

#50 Edited by Judge_Dredd (172 posts) - - Show Bio

@mild_karl: Well said, and agreed. Like I said politeness is key, and it's a very subjective topic not even every cosplayer will agree on. Though I get the impression our opinions differ a little, since I do think it's okay to acknowledge physical beauty, not just confidence and character. That isn't automatically objectification I'd say.

Anyways, very much agreed that saying a pic is sexy shouldn't be taboo for example.

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