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Cosmocreceptors are highly advanced colonization machines developed by the species of the Rigellian conglomerate. Each pod contained the compressed knowledge of Rigel with power cells capable of starting and maintaining a civilization. As part of its stage two programming, the receptor contained 10 million blastocysts that were chosen for colonization. It was believed that the Rigellian people made use of these machines prior to the discovery of faster-than-light travel. Using this method, they managed to initiate this process for a hundred compatible planets throughout the Edzar galaxy. Thus, the continuation of the Rigel supersociety was achieved through the use of the Cosmoreceptors.

One such receptor arrived on Earth around 50,000 solar revolutions ago in order to prepare for the arrival of the second stage cosmo-ligand. However, this pod became damaged by cosmic ray prior to entry and thus the receptor remained vulnerable at this point. As a result, local primitive hominids managed to enter into the Cosmoreceptor where they consumed the ten million infant Rigellians before the membrane probe could be used. After 500 cycles, there was no contact with the mother system and another pod was requested but after ten intervals nothing had arrived. As a result, the pod abandoned standard colonization practice and instead sought to promote Rigellian culture through the use of a homing signal. This operated during the heroic age where it attracted the dying Dagan Shah who was brought into the receptor and transformed into the Sultan Magus. However, the indoctrination failed and Shah took control of the pod for his own purposes where he harnessed the alien technology.

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