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God Help the Mister That Comes Between Me and My Sister

In this issue, Jack of Hearts and Ganymede encounter Persephone; a fellow member of Ganymede's Spinster order though she had thought herself the last. She has been reincarnated by Jakar.

Under the guidance of Jakar, they join together to steal a containment globe from Tyrant. Persephone convinces Ganymede to leave Jack behind and the two go off in search of their age-old foe, Tyrant.

Jack goes to face Tyrant himself, only to learn of his destruction by the Silver Surfer. They face Jakar together, but the Surfer will not allow Jack to kill him. Jack and the Surfer do not part on pleasant terms.

Unbeknown to the Spinsters, Tyrant is soon to be dispatched for good by Galactus's herald Morg, with the aide of the Ultimate Nullifier. The Spinsters never accomplish their mission and whatever they may choose to do with their time instead from there on out is unknown as Ganymede and Persephone have been dormant for over a decade.

Cutting A Deal

Lunatik and Skreet travel to Murray's Galactic Vehicle Mart and Sushi Palace to find a new vehicle.

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