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The Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer has been having recurring dreams of his past atrocities and of Death. He asks Adam Warlock for assistance but he can find no reason for this other than Death herself is giving him these visions. Gamora suggests that the Surfer seek out Thanos. On his way to Thanos, the Surfer is met by one who speaks for Death. The Surfer has been chosen to be Death's consort. Naturally the Surfer refuses.

He finds Thanos and informs him of the situation. But, secretly, this angers Thanos. He knocks the Surfer out and brings him to Death's realm and presents his gift. Thanos demands that he should be her consort, which angers her once again. Since she once again refuses him, Thanos sets the Surfer free. They are forced to work together to defeat Death's minions and escape. As they depart, Death informs Thanos that he is no longer welcome in her realm and he is cursed with immortalitiy.

Captain Marvel

Thanos is angry over what has transpired. He uses his Reality Gem to resurrect Captain Mar-Vell. Thanos plans to use the gem to create a universe where Death loves him as much as he loves her. But Mar-Vell knows Thanos all too well.

Mar-Vell explains that Thanos chose to resurrect him in the hopes that he could talk Thanos out of this plan. Thanos tends to always be the one to foil his own schemes. Realizing that Mar-Vell is right, Thanos returns Mar-Vell to the realm of the dead and the Reality Gem to it's rightful place.

The Silver Surfer / Rune Preview

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