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An omniscient ability that exist in the Marvel world that is usually connected to beings or heroes connected to outer space. With it, an individual can intuitively recognize the universal significance or fated purpose of an individual and/or that person's actions, thereby knowing such things as when to interfere and when to step aside.

The term first came into use when Marvel's Kree superhero Captain Mar-Vell or Captain Marvel was recruited by the cosmic entity Eon as the protector of the universe and of its destiny; the Captain was gifted by Eon with "cosmic awareness" to attune him to the destiny and metaphysical underpinnings of the entire universe. As protector of the universe, he used this sense most often as a way to hunt down throughout the endless universe those events which merited the attention of the universe's protector. Since then, the term has been used with both Marvel superhumans and with superhumans from other comic book companies -- and even in superhero tabletop roleplaying games independent from either comic book company.

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