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Corrado made a deal with the demon Vetis to be invulnerable as long as Corrado drew breath. Corrado and his partner Antony then made life out of being members of the New Jersey most wanted list.


Written by writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn. Drawn by Mike Hawthorne.

Character Evolution

Goes from a confident guido to a crying baby pretty quick.

Major Story Arcs

Having made a deal with a demon, Corrado makes a life of thieving. After one heist, Corrado's getaway driver is stabbed in the head by Deadpool, who has been hired by Vetis to collect Corrado's soul. Corrado gets scared and tries to flee Deadpool but is lassoed around the neck by a chain. Corrado is then dragged behind the car to a construction site. He gets shot in the eye and up the nose but his dealed-for invulnerability keeps him alive. Deadpool finally dragged Corrodo to a smelter and covers Corrado's head in metal. Corrado dies when he can't breathe. His body is left at the construction site.

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