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In order to deal with the mutant right's activist Reverend William Conover, Simon Trask, head of the anti-mutant organization known as Humanity's Last Stand, formed his own version of the Mutant Liberation Front, allowing him to capture Conover and discredit mutants at the same time. Michael Black was supposedly a corpse that had been re-animated with cybernetic technology and was made a member of this fake MLF.

After Michael was destroyed, his consciousness was apparently transferred into the body of Adam Fisher to make a new Corpus Derelicti.


Corpus Derelicti was created by John Ostrander, Tom Lyle, and Robert Jones.

Major Story Arcs

Total X-Tinction

Friend or Foe

The MLF sent Corpus Derelicti to the Glory Day Ministry soup kitchen to capture Conover, thereby inciting further anti-mutant sentiments. Conover was however under the protection of the Punisher, SHIELD agent Kymberly Taylor, and FBI agent Carl Denti, otherwise known as the X-Cutioner. Corpus Derelicti seemed unaffected by bullets when he was shot, as they just harmlessly passed through his body. The Punisher eventtually just resorted to breaking one of Corpus Derelicti's legs, and Taylor shot off one of his arms, effectively immobilizing him. Unable to complete his mission, Corpus Derelicti contacted the MLF, who sent Blastfurnace to kill him in order to prevent him from being interrogated or examined.

Dead to Rights

When the Punisher raided the Humanity's Last Stand compound along with Taylor and Denit, he was confronted by a new Corpus Derelicti, who grabbed him by the throat and claimed to remember him. In response, the Punisher sliced off Corpus Derelicti's hand and snapped his spine with a devastating kick to the midsection.

Powers and Abilities

Corpus Derelicti appeared to be a re-animated corpse, outfitted with a network of circuitry that not only permitted free movement, but also granted him enhanced strength and the capability to ignore most pain and injuries. He also had the ability to summon a personal energy field that could generate an electric shock, and employed tiny robot drones that he used to communicate with the rest of Trask's MLF. Like all of the members of Trask's MLF, Corpus Derelicti had a teleportation device incorporated into his suit.

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