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Coroner was born with mental abilities which enabled him to call out across the vastness of space and time. He is filled with rage, fear and above all, hate. 
He was able to contact a being called the Mergence. It was a group consciousness that Coroner wished to share in being part of. He made it aware of the Earth. He waited over two centuries for it to arrive. The being known as Tenebrae is sent to assist him for the arrival of the Mergence.
When Gargoyle was made aware of the threat he was contacted by Seetah, who told him to find the Silver Surfer. Coroner possessed Gargoyle with a dark force to prevent this and achieve a side goal of defeating the Surfer. It ultimately failed.
He then faced the Surfer and Gargoyle himself. He distracted the heroes by taking hostage the souls of the townspeople. He then turned Gargoyle into stone and opened a portal that sucked in the Surfer and his love, Alicia Masters. They are put in a machine called The Weaver and given false dreams. Coroner wonders why they are not just killed before the arrival of the Mergence.
The Coroner becomes agitated by his treatment from Tenebrae and goes to contact the Mergence himself. She informs him that she is part of the Mergence and he is to speak with her. When the time comes for Coroner to become part of the Mergence, he doubts his decision when the Surfer attacks the Mergence. This causes the temporary defeat of the Mergence and Coroner is left to wonder why he changed his mind at the last moment.
But the Mergence would return to Coroner and give him a second chance. This time he accepts and they combine into a large being ready to absorb the life on Earth. But first they must destroy Tenebrae, for her individuality would destroy the Mergence. She fights back with the help of Psycho-Man and his weapons turn the minds of the Mergence in on themselves. This causes the Mergence to spit out the Coroner.
The Mergence is saved by the Surfer and leaves the planet. What becomes of the Coroner is unknown.

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