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Next  to his teammate Stem Cell, Cornfed appears to be a more recent addition of the team, as he does not appear in any memory files of the original members featured during the team's conception. 
Cornfed's name comes from his "husky midwestern probable-Lutheran cornhusker-offensive-lineman extreme caucasinness". He also has the speech patterns of a farm boy, usually referring to his female compatriots as "ma'am" or "miss", and uses "thankyew", "any-hoo", and "wee bit" in his sentences from time to time. Amongst his teammates, Cornfed is noticeably the calmest and least eccentric, to a point, and is arguably the most polite.
Judging from his appearance, Cornfed would seem to be the most physically powerful member of the team. He's depicted as having well-muscled arms, broad shoulders, a large beer belly, thick neck, and is about six or seven feet tall, making him the tallest and biggest member of the team. The truth is though, he's the least physically durable of his teammates, even compared to Stem Cell. He fills the role of the healer and background support. While his teammates are on the front line, Cornfed uses his internal software to hack into programming and commit sabotage, stealing information and plans from the black-ops programs the Livewires are sent to destroy. He's usually able to do this while miles away from his other teammates.  
Corned is able to run more internal programs then the others due to the extra supply of smartware he stores in his bloated frame. Cornfed acquires this extra smartware by "cannibalizing" any smartware skin left over when one of his teammates is deactivated/killed. When one of his teammates get damaged, he's able to replace any lost smartware skin by vomiting smartware he has stored inside him onto his teammate, as he demonstrates with Social Butterfly in the second issue of the miniseries.

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