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Brief History

Mr. Slick
Cornell Cottonmouth had a set of henchmen who at times would test Cage. Mr. Slick was Cornell's right hand, and kept record of all their business transactions. He had a photographic memory so he never wrote anything down. A good business skill, but bad information for Luke Cage who was trying to get evidence of his frame up. During a fight with Cornell, Luke sent Mr. Slick out of a window many stories up, killing both Mr. Slick and his evidence.

Mike & Ike were two henchmen who got their butts handed to them when they tried to fight Luke Cage. They were originally supposed to bring Cage to Cornell, but they pissed him off, and Luke beat them up. After being forced to take Luke Cage to Cornell, Mike & Ike are never heard from again.


Mike & Ike
Cottonmouth recently resurfaced in Shadowland: Power Man as a pimp in a criminal section underneath the West Side Highway which he calls Purgatory. When the new Power Man shows up he promptly denies physically abusing a girl named "Elle" saying that he "Pimps with his mind". The new Power Man promptly breaks his teeth ensuring that he never uses his vicious bite again. 


Cornell Cottonmouth was created by Len Wein and George Tuska and first appeared in Power Man # 19.

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