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Comorant ended up being the first to shoot and injure Barbara Gordon during her time as Batgirl, the resulting emotional trauma of which nearly caused her to give up her crime-fighting career. Because Batgirl managed to fake her death when Cormorant shot her, he went into hiding, believing he'd completed his job.

Some years later, Batgirl thought Cormorant had resurfaced when the initial evidence of a killing pointed to him. Later killings turned out to be the work of Slash, a female vigilante who targeted men with a history of abusing women. Cormorant ended up being one of her targets, as he was abusive towards his own wife. Batgirl attempted to stop Slash from killing him, but Cormorant tried to kill both Slash and Batgirl when they came to him. Cormorant was about to kill Batgirl, until Slash was handed a gun by Cormorant's wife, allowing her to kill Cormorant and save Batgirl, as she was not her target. Slash was delivered to the authorities by Batgirl afterwards.

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