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Copper is one of the Metal Men created by Doctor Will Magnus. Like the rest of the Metal Men, she is powered by a responsometer, a nuclear - powered microscopic activator. This device animates her body and endows her with her distinct and decidedly human intelligence and personality.


the first Copper

The modern version of Copper first appeared in Batman/Superman #34 (May, 2007), written by Mark Verheiden and illustrated by well known manga artist Pat Lee. However, that was not actually the first time her character appeared. A female member of the Metal Men named Copper in fact first appeared in Metal Men #9 (Sept, 1964), in a 1-page short feature titled "Metal Facts and Fancies", written by the Metal Men's original creator, Robert Kanigher. In this feature, she and Tin were melted together to form an alloy named Bronze. Bronze appeared to take Copper's female form upon her creation, and, of course, retain her hue as well. It's unknown whether Copper's modern version is based (however loosely) on her very brief golden age appearance, but it seems likely that she was.


A Day In the Life!

Copper rings the doorbell

(in Doom Patrol #1-7, Oct 2009-Apr 2010 - later reprinted in DC Comics Presents: Metal Men, Sept 2011)

After relocating to Illinois, Copper is treated as the new member of the team. The other Metal Men and even Will Magnus often forget she exists and can never remember her name. Eager to please the team she is often submissive and addresses everyone as 'sir' or 'ma'am'. She she also sucks up to the 'team leader' Gold, even when no one else takes him seriously. It is later discovered that she has feelings for him, much to the disgust of Platinum.

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