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After Rose and Logan arrived at the Alberta mining camp (where they were taking refuge after fleeing Logan's childhood home), Logan soon met Cookie Malone, an overweight cook who was being accused of keeping extra rations for himself while leaving the rest of the camp hungry.  These accusations of selfishness became apparently well-founded when,  in two different points of the series, he is shown to be robbing people's homes. 
Logan first ran into Cookie as a teenager.  Logan was having trouble handling a cart full of stone after its wheel hit a bump in the downhill road he was on.  Cookie ran up the hill to help him, only to turn on him and dump the stones over the side of the hill.  Logan and Cookie would have more confrontations, with Cookie bullying a submissive Logan. 
Eventually, Logan became very popular at the camp and Cookie was jealous of the attention.  To get back at Logan, he cut the dynamite fuses short.  This resulted in the tragic deaths of some workers, not including Logan.  Logan was trapped under the rubble, but survived due to his healing factor.  During the funeral for the workers who weren't as fortunate as Logan, the Canucklehead himself caught Cookie robbing a home in the camp.  This was the first time Logan was violent towards Cookie, and from here the tables turned. 
At the end of the Origin series, there is a cage fight tournament at the local pub and both Cookie and Logan enter.  They meet each other in the semi-finals and, aided by a crooked gambler, Cookie opens the bout with a metal-knuckled punch to Logan's head.  Cookie taunted Logan and was then beaten relentlessly, with Logan only barely sparing Cookie's life.

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