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The Controller's real name is Basil Sandhurst. As a young child suffered from a particularly bad bout of meningitis, leaving him bedridden. It was during this time that his controlling nature was revealed, the young boy developing a a desire to control his surroundings as a coping mechanism.  Basil worked as an electromechanical chemical research scientist. He possessed an obsession with control however this obsession with attempting to maintain every facet of his experiments and tests and his stubborn refusal to abide by ethical standard and practices had him banned from most legitimate research labs. His brother Vincent Sandhurst who was as ethically challenged managed to find employment for Basil at Cord Industries, a competitor and rival business to Stark Industries. However after an incident in which Vincent tried to calm his brother, who was prone to losing his temper, down, Vincent accidentally causes a chemical explosion in the lab. The explosion was devastating and seriously injured Basil, and would even cause Basil to be crippled and scarred. Vincent was unharmed, and harbored massive guilt over the incident. Vincent would go on to embezzle money from Cord Industries to give his brother his own specialized automated personal laboratory.  Basil would go on to create a mental wave absorbatron as well as a super durable and tough specialized exoskeleton. The mental wave absorbatron would drain and absorb mental and psychic energies, and this would be used to power the customized exoskeleton power suit. Basil need not be paralyzed anymore using his unique exoskeleton power suit to grant him mobility. Now with his suit Basil Sandhurst would become known as the Controller and later now with his power suit which would lead him to his criminal career. He created specialized slave discs, which when attached to people would broadcast there mental energies to the mental wave absorbatron, relaying it back to the Controllers power suit. He would first try to take over New York City, but would later be stopped by Iron Man and SHIELD.   


The Controller also known as Basil Sandhurst, is a Marvel comics character and made his first appearance in the first Iron Man volume Iron Man #12 released in 1969. He was created by writer Archie Goodwin and artist George Tuska

Character Evolution

Basil has not only been a reoccurring Iron Man villain, he has had many confrontations with different heroes through-out the years. Basil has also worked for Thanos, when he fought Captain Marvel and the Avengers, and has also worked for the  Master of the World, and went-up against Heroes for Hire. The character like many of Iron Man's classic foes has had his technology updated and improved on with time to stay consistent with modernized ideas and technology.    

Major Story Arcs

Power Upgrade

Defeated by Iron Man more than once, the Controller find himself imprisoned. Rescue came from an unlikely source when the mad titan Thanos released the Controller, Thanos offered Controller the rule of Earth, and greatly augmented and enhanced Controllers technology at the time, with Thanos expertise and Titanian technology. Now the Controlled needed not to rely on his mental wave absorbatron to relay peoples cerebral energy to his power suit, his new upgrades allowing immediate access from those neutralized with his slave discs cerebral energy, directly to his suit. With this newfound power Controller begun to enslave people magifying his strength before daring an invasion of Avengers mansion defeating the Avengers and defeating Thanos foe Captain Mar-vell. Captain Mar-vell fights the Controller again not long after this though defeating him, and Controllers massive ego issues had ended his temporary alliance with Thanos as well. Basil took part in the first  Armor Wars. Recently Basil has joined the Hood's Gang during the Secret Invasion and  Dark Reign story arcs, where he and some of the others are constantly challenging the Hood's leadership.  


Powers and Abilities 

The Controller utilizes his armored power suit for mobility, the stainless steel exoskeleton is micro surgically attached to the Controller, covering his entire body in a durable armor. The Controller also derives super strength from his power suit, enabling him to lift upwards of a ton. Controllers power suit is outfitted with micro power convertors which were originally powered by cerebral energies Controller would extract relayed from his mental wave absorbatron which he would power with slave discs which he could attach to humans siphoning their cerebral energy to himself augmenting his strength and powers. Cerebral energy was latent psychic energies all people had stored inside of them, and the very energy Controller would use as his source of power. The more people the Controller has attached neutralizing slave discs to, the more peoples cerebral energy has has access to. The more people empowering him, under his control, the greater Controller's strength can increase magnifying, and at times has reached a level sufficient to allow Controller to lift up to 50 tons. Strength augmentation is not Controllers only powers, when powered by enough people he has demonstrated flight and mind control. He also can fire mind bolts from his helmut and fly using rocket powered boot jets.        
After having his technology upgraded and having additional advanced technology granted to him by the mad titan Thanos, Controller no longer needed the mental wave absorbatron to empower him, being able to directly absorb cerebral energies directly from those he would attach slave discs to. Controller would also utilize slave discs to control people's actions. Controller is very intelligent, an expert in chemical and mechanical engineering.      
Physical Characteristics
Height: 6' 2" 
Weight: 565 lbs.
Eyes: White
Hair: Black

Other Media


Iron Man (1994) 
The Controller appears in Iron Man's 1994 animated television show appearing in the episode Armor Wars. The character is very similar to his mainstream comic appearances, his slave discs are based on Iron Man technology, which he uses to control people, however he is defeated by Iron Man who uses manages to negate his powers. The Controller is voiced by Jamie Horton.
Iron Man: Armored Adventures (2009)

The Controller appeared in Iron Man: Armored Adventures. He was an A.I.M. scientist who tried to use Tony Stark to create "slave discs" and enslaved his friends. He also took control of the Hulk. Controller is also who activates MODOK, however MODOK, turns on Controller, unconvinced of his dedication to AIM. He is voiced by Michael Kopsa.  

Video Games 

Iron Man (2008) 
The Controller appears in the video game based on the successful 2008 Iron Man movie as an agent of A.I.M. He is in command of a group that attacks a US military ship in the Arctic. He is defeated by Iron Man.  

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