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Ever since the appearance of the Hell's Gate and the Heaven's Gate, Contractors have been popping up all over the world. Although they range in the thousands, Contractors have been kept a secret from the general public. Each Contractor possesses a unique ability. Along with these abilities come two other unusual traits. The first being the need to perform an obeisance, an odd payment that varies between Contractors and the other being the loss of human emotion. Most (or all) Contractors possess a more logical world view, choosing the more rational decisions. Originally, it was though that Contractors are unable to form meaning or emotional bonds with other people, but this was proven wrong when it was shown that November 11, April, and July actually cared for each others well-being, referring to each other as "friends". A common trait among contractors is the need for self-preservation. Contractors are known for doing anything, whether it be to kill, spy, leak information, or even betray a comrade if it meant preserving their own life. Although Contractors are generally emotionless, many maintain certain human emotions such as joy, love, sorrow, and anger. It was later revealed that Contractors are in fact able to express and feel many and all human emotions. Why Contractors exist and how the Hell's Gate and Heaven's Gate are connected to their unique abilities is still a mystery. While most known Contractors became the way they are due to the appearance of the Hell's Gate and Heaven's Gate, other people have been known to be born Contractors (after gates appearance). In some cases, people become Contractors later on in their lives, although the reason for this is unknown. Another type of Contractor is a Moratorium. Like Contractors, Moratoria possess unique abilities. Unlike an ordinary Contractor, they maintain the full emotions and mindset of an ordinary human, but lack control of their powers.

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