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Project: Contingency

 The Contingency.
Originally the Project: Contingency was created by SHIELD as a black ops team specially trained and armed to kill mutants should they become a threat to national security. It was developed and supervised by SHIELD agent Brent Jackson, who recruited and trained a woman by the name of Rapture to be the team's leader. When Jackson showed his true colors and defected to Weapon X, Sharon Carter oversaw the project until Rapture took the Contingency rogue. Their members are: Rapture, Killdeer, Kite, Condor and Shrike

Thanks to a leak in SHIELD security the Contingency became aware of a uniquely mutated Shi'ar computer chip being delivered to Avengers Mansion by X-Men associate Forge. They ambushed Forge and stole the chip but they soon had Captain America, Warbird and Wolverine on their tails. Prepared for Wolverine with magnetic bullets that would prevent his wounds from healing they attacked and nearly killed him. When Captain America and Warbird arrived the Contingency split up in order to escape the heroes. Despite his wounds Wolverine continued searching for them and on Captain America's suggestion they each split up to find the chip. Kite and Condor managed to gain the upper hand against Warbird but Killdeer and Shrike had a harder time dealing with Captain America. Wolverine managed to damage Rapture's suit but the release in energy along with his previous wounds that hadn't healed let her gain the upper hand.

Left for dead it was only the arrival of Warbird and Captain America that saved Wolverine's life. While Warbird took Wolverine to the SHIELD helicarrier for medical help Captain America pursued the Contingency alone. Despite her damaged suit Rapture and the Contingency escaped thanks to a stolen SHIELD aircraft and their willingness to endanger the lives of innocent bystanders to distract Captain America. The Contingency met with A.I.M. to sell the computer chip but double crossed them in the end, just then Captain America, Warbird and Wolverine arrived. Captain America and Warbird made short work of the A.I.M. members and Contingency while Wolverine took the fight to Rapture. He managed to surprise her despite her telepathic powers and she fell into the river but when Warbird arrived Rapture was gone. The Contingency was taken to a SHIELD detention center and Rapture teleported in having now internalized the powers of her suit. She could not teleport them out but she swore that she would and then they would have their revenge.

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