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El Conquistador rules several villages in Spain so Migdalia contacts her cousin, El Águila in America and tells him to come to Madrid to defeat el Conquistador. El Águila comes to Spain and throws out three thugs from a local bar. The three men inform their boss, the Conquistador of El Aguila's actions. The Conquistador tracks down El Aguila with his computers as he walks with his cousin. El Aguila realizes that the Conquistador is a mutant that emits a bio-energy aura that allows him to control the earth. Conquistador commands a tree limb to grab El Águila but the swordsman severs the branch and the Conquistador feels unbearable pain. El Conquistador merges with the ground to increase his height and stature to giant proportions. El Águila loses his sword and runs into a windmill. Conquistador rips off the metal grating from the windmill when El Águila jumps out the window. El Aguila grabs the metal grating Conquistador is holding and unleashes a powerful bio-blast. The bio-blast severed Conquistador's bond to the earth and he reverts to his normal form. Currently, he is depowered.


Conquistador was created by Scott Lobdell and Larry Alexander in 1988 and first appeared in Marvel Comics Presents # 9.

Powers & Abilities

Conquistador is a mutant that emits a bio-energy aura that allows him to control the earth and and trees. Conquistador can merge with the earth to increase his size and stature. Conquistador has enhanced strength when he merges with the earth.

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