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Goon Squad

Mr. Quinn had sent his Goon Squad to infiltrate into a building of a man running for mayor. Moon Knight stopped these men. The reason mr. Quinn had these men target the building was to ruin the name of the candidate so that along with the police officers he was paying  off, that another man running for mayor would be working for him, essentially giving him control over the city. After having watched videos on Moon Knight and learning about him, Mr. Quinn is told that seven of his men were all defeated by Moon Knight.
This is what made him hate Moon Knight and he vowed to defeat him, whilst donning his Conquer-Lord costume. During a party at the Mayor's estate, men of the Goon Squad gate-crash. This all serves as a distraction for Conquer-Lord to assassinate the mayor. With his scope trained on the Mayor, Moon Knight pounces on him from behind and a fight ensues. As they fell off the roof, Marlene was in the way and Conquer-Lord kidnaped her right in front of Moon Knight's eyes.
As Conquer-Lord is talking to Marlene about having power over the city, Moon Knight intrudes. Conquer-Lord runs into a room that has a giant chessboard with giant chess pieces on it. The floor is booby-trapped and some of the chess pieces have automated weapons (eg lasers) built in them. Conquer-Lord tries fighting Moon Knightbut once he realizes he can't win, he tries to flee. Moon Knight catches up and ties him up and leaves him for the police.

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