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Don't miss the pulse-pounding conclusion of Dragon's Blood! With the world dragon awakened and a master sorcerer revealed, can one man armed with only a bow save mankind?


Shado explains the rest of the legend. The dragon is power itself every part of it and Zhao plans to use that power for his own selfish and evil gain. Fyers and Shado check the hole the dragon came out of while connor follows the trails of blood.

Hoon and Zhao search through he tunnels for what they seek. Connor finds the blood pooling underground while fyers and Shado find hatching dragon eggs. Connor finds Zhao dead in the dragon’s blood while hoon bathes in it. He reveals that everything as put in play by Zhao but eh had the bigger rock. He also reveals that the dragon’s blood makes one into a god. He attacks connor is surprised at his martial artistry. But his superior physical properties give him the edge. He tries to drown connor in the blood only for connor to gain a degree of his power, taking him by surprise.

Fyres and Shado kill the baby dragons one is about to die and looks at Fyers.

Connor is on the defensive again as Hoon has retrieved the magic arrow and plans to use it to kill him. He stabs connor through the arm and connor stabs him in the chest to save the world from his plans of global domination. As hoon lays dead, connor realizes their was no choice Hoon has changed him forever, like his father he has now killed.

Brandy Sloan and Crowfoot meet connor as he leaves the cave they inform him Fyers is in the hospital. Fyres has been burnt severely by that last dragon before it died. Him and connor reunite as Shado goes home to save her son. They share a tearful reunion as connor tells fyers she considers him family too.

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