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The siege is on! Connor, Shado and Eddie Fyers are assaulted from all sides by swarms of deadly assassins. But to what end? Who wants the world's greatest archers dead? The answer is…monstrous!


The archers descend on Shado, Connor and Crowfoot from every direction. Their skill is average but their numbers make them decidedly more dangerous. The superior skill of Shado Connor and Crowfoot prevails however and they manage to make a clearing in the army of archers. They go for higher ground on the roof. Here Shado and Connor’s concern for each other starts to show. Below Fyers and Brandy return to an empty Hotel. Fyers realizes something is wrong right before Wingfoot falls through the roof. The three then get attacked. Eddie holds them off so Brandy and wing foot can flee. Brandy comes back in the nick of time to save Fyers and the two continue to flirt. Then run smack dab into a series of arrows.

Luckily its shado and Connor. None of them sense the bowmen about to kill them from above. The bowmen fall dead. They have been saved by Kishu. He tells connor to remember well what eh was taught before being mowed down by arrows and falling to his death. Surrounded again. They prepare to do battle when Zhao announces the competition is at an end and Connor is the victor for remaining unharmed during the entire ordeal.

Connor wants no part in the killing but Coon reveals they have his half brother in custody, Shado’s son. If he does not co-operate the boy will die. Connor has no choice but to go along with things. The surviving people will remain at the hotel until connor has completed his task. Crowfoot would love to leave but under the threat of death he remains.

Zhao takes Connor to his company where he reveals his belief in necromancy. He also gives connor an arrow made of the purest white magic. Connor examines it as Zhao as he reveals next to nothing of what Connor will do for him.

In town Fyers and Crowfoot purchase artillery with Crowfoot complaining. Fyres now packing heat decides to go downtown in shanghai. Zhao has connor display his skill to an audience while connor asks if this is it. He tells connor it is almost time. Once the moon fully eclipses an earthquake breaks out and all hell breaks loose. Connor suddenly remembers what Kishu had told him as a giant reptilian foot shatters the earth before him.

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